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September 10, 2021
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Very Little Nightmares – Many people enjoy horror games such as Resident Evil and Outlast. These horror games feature disgusting monsters who hunt down players. This gives players excitement and thrills when they play games. They are similar to many horror games. Today, I’ll give players a horror-themed game. However, it will offer players an entirely new experience.

This is Very Little Nightmares. It’s a horror video game by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. This manufacturer is likely familiar to players as it is the one responsible for the iconic game Pac-Man. This game offers a mix of horror and puzzle that players can enjoy. This game will offer players many new experiences that they won’t find in any other games.


Maw is a tiny island in the middle the ocean that hosts players. This is where the rich world eats. Maw is managed by three members: The Lady, The Hangman, and Six. Maw Island hosts will eat until they can no longer eat when they visit. Six’s mother, The Lady jealous of Six’s beauty, locked her up in a dungeon so she would never see her again. He didn’t agree with his actions and The Hangman saved his daughter from imprisonment. After a successful trial, he decided that he would hang himself. Six wakes up to see her father dead. Six wanders around Maw looking for life.


The game’s gameplay is very complex. Players will need to guide their character through Maw in order to unravel its mysteries. To reach The Lady’s home on the top floor and destroy her, the player must overcome many obstacles. The puzzle will arrange the challenges for the player, and the player must solve them all to continue the journey. The Lady monster has long arms and can move with its arms. This game requires that the player be cautious. Although it is blind, it has very good hearing and can hear the player instantly. The player can seek help from Nome. These are harmless and small creatures that don’t dare approach Six.

Download Very Little Nightmares APK Free

The player controlling Six can help them by coming close to them and hugging them. This can be a great way for players to get help. The thing that made me obsessed with this game is the fact that Six must experience five hunger pangs during my wandering. She would eat bread the first time, fresh meat the second, and a live rat the third. Nome would be her fourth meal. Please visit this game if you have any questions about the fifth time.

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