Ultimate Truck Simulator v1.1.6 (Unlimited Money) Mod Apk

, Wednesday, November 17, 2021
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You are a speed lover, want to own a large truck in life? And enjoy participating in real experiences? An ideal game for you is Ultimate Truck Simulator. Driving simulation game on city roads and becoming a master truck driver.

Unlike a conventional vehicle with full functioning keys such as a brake, steering wheel, gear lever, turn signal, GPS, and a clock, Ultimate Truck Simulator builds a story around a plot involving a vehicle with these functions keys. You will come across many familiar locations such as gas stations, toll booths, tables, city name familiar… Players can choose the type of driving simulation game with many types of vehicles like the driver’s profession such as bus driver, passenger car driver, truck driver, … your task is to control shuttle passengers, transport goods to the right locations are delivered safely and on time.

Another plus point of this game is the extremely beautiful 3D graphics. The characters are designed to be close, cute, and suitable for a lot of players. Players will experience beautiful, vivid contexts, the details are built extremely realistically. In particular, the game also allows players to create their cars with full features of their style.

Ultimate Truck Simulator creates an environment where players feel at ease and can be creative with their driving. Players will transform into drivers with silk steering wheels; the older man controls cars with large tonnage, difficult to use. Delivery locations, houses, and surrounding areas are all located on a certain map, so players must find the right address to complete tasks, collect a lot of money, buy cars to buy items. use facilities, hire drivers…

At the same time, the game is also improved with many new features and tasks; the player plays the role of a truck driver who receives goods from companies in big cities. At first, players will receive small rental contracts; later, they can completely buy their cars, open their businesses, companies, and hire additional drivers when they have enough money. The advantage of this is that players can freely decorate their vehicles and roam the road without being bound by orders (free roam mode).

One feature that still needs to be included in Ultimate Truck Simulator focuses on game elements such as challenging roads and winding hill roads. Players will earn experience points and level up after completing a delivery. This allows them to unlock skills like saving fuel, time or driving long distances from highly volatile or hazardous chemicals…

At the same time, when driving, you must also pay attention to speed cameras, police cars are always on duty on all roads, and you only need to go more than 1 mile compared to the prescribed speed. On the road alone, you will be fined every time the police siren sounds. Running through red lights, not turning on headlights when it’s dark or raining, causing traffic jams, etc., will also make your wallet thinner.

A game that simulates the lives of real-life drivers? If you want to experience a game with simple gameplay, diverse missions, etc., then don’t miss the Ultimate Truck Simulator.

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