The Sun Origin v2.0.4 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

, Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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The Sun Origin MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Large post-apocalyptic area with many quests. Build your power armor. Incredible graphics in maximum settings

An action-based, post-apocalyptic RPG. All around the globe, radiation, hunger, and other harmful effects can be found. Only a few survived the catastrophic attack by space from the planet. After a while, the threat of another disaster began to impact those who survived. It will be the Chosen of the North-216 community who will be its main character.

The end of the world. Survivalist first-person shooter.

The Sun Origin: A post-apocalyptic action. The first-person shooter features RPG elements, hundreds of tasks, and various weapons, armor, and other tools. You can trade with other factions and fight mutants, bandits, or prowlers. To improve your weapons, you can travel around the globe and buy the best weapons from traders. Only the best equipment will do! The main goal of your work is to eliminate hunger in the community. Let’s work together to ensure survival.

A brief background.

In 2050, the sun released unimaginable amounts of energy into space. This power could cause civil unrest for many generations. However, scientists had for years predicted that it would. But the leaders of the world ignored them. Instead, they fought over small territorial disputes.

After the energy wave, a storm of radioactive particles covered Earth in a dangerously carcinogenic fog. Everyone was affected equally by the fog: young, old, rich, and poor died in the same manner.

After their supplies ran out, these communities were plunged into a new world of despair and chaos. In this new world, the law of civilization was replaced by the laws governing guns.

Raven, a warrior, only known by his name, would rise from the ashes. He was a warrior who would save his people and bend the laws to his will.

It’s quite a challenge. Is this the end of the beginning?

This game is very difficult for everyone. If you don’t like The Sun Origin Postapocalyptic action-role-playing game, you should look for a hobby. This game is a disaster! Since the beginning, only a few people have survived the Wasteland conditions. Don’t let anyone tell you that your death from radiation poisoning, thirst, or other causes will stop you from carrying on the project. Remember to thank your friends. Only the most dedicated players will survive The Sun Origin. Good luck!

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