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What's new in 1.19.30: Various bug fixes!
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Monster MCPE Mod

If you like monsters and playing Minecraft PE, you can now find new ones with the help of the Monster MCPE Mod. This mod allows you to spawn them automatically in water. It also adds 20 unique deep slate blocks to the game. These deep slate blocks are non-solid and a great night light source. You can find this creature in blue, green, or even yellow. They spawn in the water and will live for a few minutes.

Mods for Minecraft PE

Monster mods are a great way to add new and exciting features to the Minecraft PE game. They introduce new monsters and other mobs to the game, as well as items and weapons. These modifications will allow players to play as their favorite monsters and complete tasks such as slaying them!

This mod adds over 115 new creatures to the game. These mobs include bosses and a variety of other enemies. This mod has various types of mobs, from the passive Arisaur to the demonic Rahovart. Each of these mobs has unique behaviors and will increase the difficulty of combat.

The app market for 100% working mods

If you want to play Monster MCPE on the go, you can check out the App Market. This is where you can find 100% working mods for the game. It is very fast and works even for the biggest mod files. Remember that some of these mods may require a new world to be installed.

Download Minecraft.png
Download Minecraft.png

Monster MCPE MOD APK Skins

MCPE add-ons are a great way to customize your game and have fun. These apps include mods for houses, vehicles, skins, and items. There are also skins available, which are unique skins for the game.

PvP maps

Unlike traditional PvP maps, Monster MCPE PvP maps have various unique features. These include industrial combat, espionage, sabotage, and monster warfare. The goal is to boost your company’s stock while keeping the enemy’s stock down. This requires quick thinking, strategy, and teamwork. These maps are not for the faint of heart, and the challenges can be intense.

This popular MCPE PvP map allows you to take on hostile mobs, such as zombies and other creatures. You must kill every mob on the map to win and then survive for two minutes. You can play this mode solo or with other players.

Creative mode

Creative mode allows players to create and destroy blocks in an instant. They can also use command and structure blocks in this mode. Additionally, items do not lose their durability while in creative mode. The creative mode allows players to call certain blocks with the /give or /setblock commands. However, some of the blocks are not accessible in this mode.

However, Monster MCPE MOD APK

To play in peaceful mode, the player must avoid spawning hostile mobs. The player’s hunger bar will stay full, and health regenerates quickly. However, players must be aware that other players’ mobs will attack them even if they’re not in the same room.

Survival mode

The Survival mode in Monster MCPE allows you to explore the map by building structures and gathering resources. It also allows you to interact with the local villagers and defend yourself from mobs. The challenge in this mode is that you have limited supplies of food and resources and will have to work hard for everything. You also won’t have an unlimited supply of blocks, and your health bar will run down.

The inventory of the Survival mode is made up of four rows of slots. The items in the inventory can be used in recipes to make different tools and items. The recipes can be accessed by clicking on the recipe book in the 2×2 crafting grid. Typically, most recipes require a crafting table, but some require a furnace. Several crafting stations are available, including ones for brewing, repairing, and enchanting.

Axolotl mod

If you love Monster MCPE and want to add more fun to your game, you may want to try the Axolotl mod. This addon will allow you to create different types of monsters that will make the game a little more challenging. You will also be able to find new items and different types of mobs that you can use to slay your enemies.


The axolotl is a tropical fish found naturally around the sea and ocean. It can be tricky to capture, but the Wandering Trader may have buckets full of them. Although not aggressive toward players, it will attack other seaborne threats, such as turtles and Drowned creatures. In addition, when it is underwater, it will gain the Regeneration status. This temporary status effect can be transferred to other creatures, such as players.

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