METEL HORROR ESCAPE v0.361 Mod (Unlocked/No ads) Apk

, Thursday, March 17, 2022
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In Metel – Horror Escape, you’ll be trapped in a crazed man’s house. Using the skills of a clever puzzler, you must find the keys that will free you from this dreadful situation. Your only hope is to find the items hidden by your kidnapper, including scissors, ropes, forks, and more.

The graphics are excellent, and the game features a three-dimensional view. The first-person perspective makes it easy to move around. You’ll use your virtual gamepad to explore the location. You’ll have to solve puzzles using hidden sequences, which are very challenging. Metel HORROR ESCAPE is free to play. However, you will need to purchase the full version to get a complete experience.

The Metel – Horror Escape Game is a first-person 3D adventure game packed with scary elements. The game focuses on escaping from a maniac by solving puzzles and learning each character’s stories. As the game’s developer, I’m impressed by the number of positive reviews it has received so far. As the game is still in early access, it’s important to note that there may be slight differences between the full-release version and this version.

The Metel – Horror Escape game can be downloaded for free. This app requires at least 77M of free memory and is compatible with Android 4.1 or higher. The game’s graphics and sound are realistic, and the voice effects are compelling. The gameplay is also thrilling, and you’ll love the large number of things you can collect. You’ll find a way to escape from the madman and return to a world where the only thing you’ve got to do is survive.

In Metel – Horror Escape, the player must solve puzzles and avoid the killer while trying to find the exit. This game is a highly addictive puzzle game, so be prepared for many heartaches. Just make sure you’re a fan of hidden object games. This game is one of the most popular apps for Android, and many people have downloaded it. If you’re looking for a fun puzzle game, look no further. The Metel Horror Escape app will be the right app for you.

The Metel – Horror Escape is a puzzle game with a horror theme. Unlike most puzzle games, you have to play as the “madman” in the game. Your goal is to find the killer and escape from the house. You’ll have to find the key to unlock the exit. This horror escape game is available for Android devices that support 19 api or higher. You can download the app from your Android phone or tablet by clicking the button above.

METEL HORROR EScape encourages you to seek a way to escape the madman’s prison. In addition, the game will gradually increase the difficulty level as you progress through the ranks. There are four levels in this game, with different types of victims, and each of these levels requires you to study their past. Luckily, there are still three lives to save.

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