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Dead Age Full (Paid) APK
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Dead Age Full (Paid) APK

Get ready for a never-ending never ending zombie apocalypse using combat! Take care of survivors, make dangerous journeys, form alliances, build equipment, make difficult story-based choices, build your camp from non-defensive reservoirs, and discover the features of non-linear bullying light. A modern indie survival RPG!

To further enhance your roleplaying experience, you can also access zombie control mode. Here, you can explore maps and take down other survivors and other boss enemies who follow you. In turn-based combat, each round goes to a pre-determined time, and the player has to stop opponents from attacking their base. This mode gives you the best way to improve your strategy skills as you try to avoid becoming the main target of other survivors.

After the zombie outbreak ended, you managed to join a group of survivors and then stay inside their campsite. However, this does not mean that you are safe! It is important to take care of the food supply to minimize injuries and find materials to ensure the camp’s survival. The threat of zombies increases over time as groups of aggressive survivors alert you.

Every survivor must be safe, because you will need everyone on the field to fight the dangers of the zombie apocalypse. Get rid of supplies in zombie areas, build survival items and buy and sell items to make sure you and your partner are healthy enough to acquire the skills needed to survive long-term. War begins with old-fashioned sports. When you learn to master different types of weapons and use all kinds of traps or bombs, you can fight strategically.

If you do not reach the Day of Judgment, you can buy upgrades using the medals collected from the previous playthrough to give your new character the lead from the start. Early careers that are unlocked for your role allow you to specialize in different job categories. Each playthrough contains a variety of random tasks and roles that are interacted with.

The most admirable aspect of Dead Age is its non-fiction story which has real-world consequences. Your choices during conflict situations can affect the future of the story. You can decide to become a hero and save the other survivors or let them go to buy things. You can have a romantic relationship or start animosity with other survivors, which leads to a devastating chain reaction. Each day brings new dangers and scenarios where you have to make decisions that affect your camp’s chances of survival. If you live long enough, you will have access to six possible endings of the game.

Dead Age Mode has a charming story, great zombie graphics, great twist battles, and a charming audio track that wants you more. The story of the game is what makes it so interesting to play. For survivors, when you lose an arm and a leg, you are given a chance to live again, but with limited abilities. When you wander around, you find other survivors, and then eventually, you are forced to give up the only way to the zombie. With your limited abilities, you feel the need to learn some combat tactics and skills to avoid zombie attacks.

Dead Age is an instant turn-based, point-and-click combat, role-playing, character RPG game based on a skill point system. Still, your decisions make the game really important, because you make sure the game has very simple, easy choices like Quest. Here, you can always buy handicrafts in the city. Can I sell dried meat to my pets? I can always buy more when you decide not to sell it. And that’s how it works.

Easy to understand and yet very attractive. The whole game is made up of a quest path, and a quest path means you’ll be moving from one screen to another, fighting enemy waves, gathering resources, and doing many other things along the way. Will As you complete the questions, you move up the level, the experience points increase, leveling is always the ultimate goal.

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