Criminal Case Supernatural Investigations v2.38.2 MOD (Money/Star) APK

Criminal Case Supernatural Investigations MOD (Money/Star) APK
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Criminal Case Supernatural Investigations MOD (Money/Star) APK

Detective Conan and Criminal Cases an avid fan of Sherlock Holmes or Detective Conan Have you ever had the desire to assume the detective’s job and carry out an investigation into a complicated study? Are you looking for clues that will help in the research and help in keeping suspects away from the scene? Not possible; however, everyone loves solving complex issues or revealing the hidden truth behind screens. This is why the most thrilling thing is to revive dead individuals with living ones and then charge the perpetrator.

However, it’s not the case that everyone is likely to become the best investigator. There’s no prerequisite for the job that requires diverse skills and understanding of the world, sights, and more. This is the reason Criminal Case Supernatural Investigations – is a trendy and fun recreational detective show. The channel also airs commercials that are made available to the public.

It’s not the only game released, but you’re not playing the same game you had a chance to play before the moment. It’s a distinctive and unique game when compared to other games. Check out the designs. Although the game might not be as well-known, it’s still a favorite for those who like odd scenarios… It’s constantly engaging players’ curiosity and need to know the truth.

Take part in Criminal Case Supernatural Investigations of the Previous. You’ll take on the role of a detective that was all over Europe during the second decade in the 18th Century. Together with your fellow detective, you will be being investigated in connection with deadly murders. The task is to examine the scene and search for suspicious objects in various objects (and of course, you’ll have the ability to regulate your movements using). You’ll be relying on evidence found at the scene to discover the suspects step by step and learn more concerning the murderers.

The quicker you’re capable of identifying suspect devices more quickly; you’ll be able to get the best scores. Once you’ve completed the section of the test, you’ll get an additional star along with a bonus. You must finish the task, and when you’ve earned sufficient points, you might get access to the area you’ve been waiting for. There are numerous exciting and intriguing scenarios waiting to be solved. It’s essential to make sure you’re an experienced detective and competent enough to locate the clues that are hidden from view.

Criminal Case Supernatural Investigations gives the possibility of a variety of investigators and exciting investigations. Each case is an intriguing story with situations that resemble an inquiry that is based on the evidence. The game is a challenging game where you have to determine the suspect person. There is no suspect. There’s evidence on the scene, such as the location where witnesses are located and the locations where suspects are discovered. It’s possible to find loopholes or other areas in the vicinity to gather evidence. If you’ve got enough evidence, you will be able to determine who did the committing and then bring the victim to court. This is a fantastic way to go about the investigation. What do you think?

An 18th-century European Social Simulation game features real-life characters and live-action. The mix of dialog and images help players comprehend the story quickly. The diversity of characters, each with distinctive designs and dark brown hues for the mainframe, which give the usual path, could be the most suitable choice for the game currently in play. The audio isn’t too excellent, aside from a “ting” sound whenever you discover new evidence or when you find persons or evidence … But, in the end, analysis, the sound, and graphics suffice. It’s an exhilarating experience.

Criminal Case Supernatural Investigations is an original and thrilling game that is a must for anyone who loves detectives’ lives. It’s ideal for those who must face the most challenging of situations to test their brain—the ability to evaluate the situation and act as a competent detective. The game is a perfect game to play. This kind of game can provide motivation. You’ll be able to learn about the extraordinary capabilities of a detective and then use these abilities in your daily routine. This will help the person to have a better and more thrilling lifestyle. It’s also fascinating that you don’t know what you’re doing.

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One of the newest entry-level games available is available on Android. It’s one of the latest games accessible for download on Android. It’s a game developed for the Android platform, created using the assistance of Pretty Simple studio. We’ll bring the most current version to those who enjoy puzzles, adventures, and games with stories. The aim is to track down the criminals you are working with as a detective with the person you are responsible for. Find clues to capture criminals for financial reasons and other issues that you’ll encounter in the game. Therefore, Mod Apk offers Unlimited money, as in addition to Unlimited Star & Energy.


To ensure that you’re playing to the highest level, you can finish tasks that assist in solving problems. The most demanding tasks, thrilling games of criminals who are based on objects, and more await gamers. The graphics are two-dimensional, while the audio is superb. Controls are made possible by double.