Download Minecraft Mod APk {*Latest Version*} [Updated 2019]

Minecraft Pocket Edition is popular worldwide game played by millions of gamers. The Minecraft Pocket Edition mod apk is most loved by the gamers around the world. The game play is interesting and highly addictive. Minecraft enhances your game play skills. Minecraft mod apk allows players to create a large world using incredible features. There is no limit to your imagination power once you start playing the game. Players can build their own buildings, walls, towns, roads, bridges, etc. All the resources to build such things are available to you as the game progresses. So are you want to download minecraft Pocket Edition mod apk Latest Version link is given below in Download Section.

This Minecraft pe mod apk comes with many features that will enhance your overall experience while you play the game. We will talk in detail about the features of the Minecraft mod apk later in the article. In the game players must face the different monstrous. These monstrous will try to kill you, you need to defend your self from them and use your powers, equipment’s, weapons, to defeat them. Different powers, equipment’s and weapons get unlock as you progress further in the game. Now coming to features, there are many features that have been added to the Minecraft Pocket Edition This Minecraft Pocket Edition is that latest updated version mod. You don’t need any other mod or extra software to run the game and use the features. Just Download And install the Minecraft mod and you are ready to play.

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod Apk

Minecraft Mod Beta Version

Minecraft Mod-1 (Unlocked premium textures /Skins)


Minecraft Mod-2 (Unlocked premium textures /Skins + Mega Mod)


Minecraft Mod APK Hacks Info

Mod -1 Mod-2 
Unlocked premium skins Unlocked premium skins 
Unlocked premium textures Unlocked premium textures 
 No damage mod 
 Unlimited breath 
 Max Inventory Size 
 1 hit kill with weapons 
 Max score 
 Indestructible Tools 

Minecraft Mod Apk Game modes

-> Creative mode
The creative mode is the most used and main mode in the Minecraft game. The player can easily destroy the different structures and built them up anytime during the gameplay.

-> Survival mode
Survival mode is also one of the main mode in the game. In this mode the player has to built his creative
world by collecting resources. Other than this player must manage his hunger, built structures, explore the world and try to survive.

-> Hardcore mode
If you want to play or enjoy playing in difficult mode then hardcore mode is for you. It’s like Survival mode but the difficulties are extreme, and you only get one life.

-> Adventure mode
This mode is useful in limiting the gameplay. In this mode the player can create a map of his own imagination. In this mode the player cannot directly destroy the structures or blocks.

-> Spectator mode
This mode allows player to fly throughout the world. This mode is helpful when the player wants to get familiar with the surroundings.

Features Of Minecraft Mod APk

-> Unlimited breadth
This feature in the Minecraft mod apk allows you to remain under the water for unlimited time as you will have unlimited breadth. So, you don’t have to come up to breadth in during the game. You can dive deep into the ocean using this feature.

-> Max Inventory size
Now you don’t need to throw out anything to accommodate new things that you gather during the game play. The max inventory size is large enough to accommodate everything you collect during the game play.

-> Indestructible tools
There are many indestructible tools that are available in the Minecraft mod apk i.e most of your tools will be unbreakable.

-> Max Score
This allows you to score the maximum points. You can defeat your opponent using this cool feature. As your score is maximum you will be the winner of the game.

Minecraft Mod Apk Information

App NameMinecraft Pocket Edition
App Version1.10.0.4
Last UpdatedJanuary 07, 2019
Apk Size  87.4 MB
App Developer Mojang
Support Android VersionAndroid 2.3 and above

Minecraft Mod APk For Android

Apart from this there are many other cool features included in the Minecraft mod apk like discover shipwrecks and ruins, treasure maps, treasure chests, aquatic swimming, heart of the sea etc.

This Minecraft mod apk comes with lot of improvements and fixes. Most of the bugs are fixed. The new improved animation looks awesome and real.

Now you can explore all the nine ocean biomes full of icebergs, blue ice, coral, grass, sea, kelp, etc. in the game. Also, you can find underwater caves and ravines.

The game is test and free of viruses. The game won’t lag at all while you play. All the previous bugs have been fixed and there are no new bugs found. This version of mod is updated to the latest version.

Download Minecraft Mod Apk

There are two modes in the minecraft pocket edition. There is creative mode with unlimited resources and the survival mode. In survival mode you dive deep to craft weapons and armours. We have listed down latest version of minecraft mod apk select which version of minecraft you want to download. we are providing direct link of minecraft apk + mod which is listed below and you can download it with one click. so do not thing anything just tap on download button and get it now.

Minecraft Mod-1 (Unlocked premium textures /Skins)


Minecraft Mod-2 (Unlocked premium textures /Skins + Mega Mod)


Download All Old Version of Minecraft Mod Apk


How To Download And Install Minecraft Mod Apk

The Minecraft mod apk is easy to install on your device. We have listed down the steps to install the Minecraft mod apk, these are as follows:

Step 1 : Uninstall the previous version of the Minecraft from your device completely.

Step 2: Now download the Minecraft mod apk from the link given above or below.


Step 3: After downloading install the game and make sure you allow third party app to install in
application settings option.

Step 4: After installation is completed just click the game icon and you are ready to play. Enjoy!!

We hope you enjoy the game, if you are unable to download the game then contact us we will help you

Minecraft Mod Apk GamePlay Video

Final Words For Minecraft Mod Apk

In this article you can get all detailed information of Minecraft pocket edition Which is one of best Game for Android. download Minecraft Mod Apk from above link which is mentioned in download section with full installation process.

If You have any question regarding this Game then put you question in comment section i will reply as soon as. try this app after that give us feedback about this application in comment section. if you like this Version of Minecraft Game then you can suggest it to your friends too. if need any kind of help related this app then also you can comment in comment section.

Download Minecraft Mod APk {*Latest Version*} [Updated 2019]
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